A Special Offer:

Discounted Distant Language Courses

Christmas comes with a lot of joy. Being with family, presents, and TIME OFF WORK! What are you going to go with all of that time?

Me, I am going to catch up on my reading, since I’ve been reading 3 books at a time:

– My uncle recommended this book to me as one of the most practical books in startup advising. So far, LOVE it.

– A collection of stories about Indian women which has given me new insight into the Indian culture and a DEEP desire to travel to Calcutta.

Esperanza Renace

– It’s a children’s book, but it will be the first novel I complete in Spanish. My sister loves this book (she read it in English) so we will be able to compare.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas, we have a lot of extra free time and have to take advantage of structuring it. And what I REALLY want to do is make sure I am practicing my Spanish.

I was talking to a friend of mine recently who was worried about losing his progress of learning English over the holidays. He is back to his home country for 3 weeks where he will speaking nothing but Arabic. With a big competency test in February, he asked for my help. I sympathize with this fear. I have spent the last 7 month learning Spanish but didn’t learn much without talking to people. I am so afraid that when I go home I will lose a lot of it.

That’s why I want to offer a special promotion to my friends and their families. If you want to spend your free Holiday time studying English, I am offering the 30% off personal English conversation classes (online only) and 20% off English writing practice (online only). For Spanish speakers, I have a special offer. I will exchange FREE 30 minutes of instruction or conversation just to be able to practice my Spanish. This offer only lasts through November and December. I do not know where I will be for the Holidays but I have developed an excellent strategy for teaching through Skype and Hangouts.  Share this with your friends and family that don’t want to lose their language effort over the Holidays.

Happy Language Learning!