Kelli Lycke

I have over 9 years of experience consulting writers and helping them find their voices.

I dropped out of school in my junior year of high school after become frustrated with the politics and heuristics of the education system. Went I planted my feet on a college campus three days later, I was surprised to find I learn much faster when I control the classes I take. when I take them, and how I take them. I came to understand that people learn differently. Prior to this, I never knew I was good any anything. After taking my first writing class, I was offered a job as a writing tutor and have been teaching writing ever since.

I have a degree in Education and a philosophy in radical change.

I made the leap from teaching to consulting after a friend of mine asked me to help her write some grant applications for her business. Soon businesses were calling me at all hours of the day asking for help with: applications, business plans, emails, pitches, ect.

Digital Nomad

Switching to a consultant role allowed me to freedom to choice my own hours and work remotely. Now I travel the world helping people from every continent find their voices.