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Craft Spells

This music is you: Calm. No, not calm, composed. No. This music is a place. A place you carry with you on your phone on your pillow. It is the heated to an unknown temperature–boiling, and steeped for 4 minutes. Disposable, fillable, paper teabags dipping, like bodies fit together no space for air in between. […]

What does it means to be an Empath?

What does it mean to be an empath? A few days ago, I was talking to a friend of mine about the struggles that I have in my relationships. I expect the people closest to me in my life to notice the slight shifts in my personality–Recognize when I am mad, sad, or excited, and […]

What is a Fair Wage for Digital Nomad?

I want to talk about two things: Privilege and the Support of the Internet Let’s talk about the first one. First, I am the definition of a digital nomad, a popular term that came about as a result of people being able to make money online. It’s cool, but it’s hard. In the last year […]

Give me Energy

Yesterday I stood in line with Luisa waiting to have her schedule approved at the University. I stood in this same spot with her last year in August, and we hopped line to line, laughing in frustration at the inefficiency of the system. I recall it taking a full day to register for classes, have […]

Skinny: Not a Fancy Title

I have a confession to make. I make this confession not as a writer, not as a traveler, not as a business person.   I know more about working out than any gym-goer I know. I know more about nutrition than my athlete friends. But I will never tell them. When I was was a […]