My Philosophy

    Literacy: The ability to entertain, educate, and inspire through writing, reading, and speaking is the world’s strongest superpower. It gives you the ability to make decisions and take control of your life and connect with others in a way that no other skill can offer. I seek to empower others through finding their written and verbal expression. 

    My workshops, lessons, and consultations have a lasting impact; you come away with a higher motivation to create, a belief in their own voice, and a desire to share your knowledge with the world.


    Consultation Services

    Second Language English Writing Support

    I carefully offer professional suggestions for Focus, Organization, and Development, and MLA & APA. I can edit writing without changing your voice or meaning WHILE teaching you grammar and punctuation.

    • prepare academic papers for journal submission.

    • clean up academic essays and theses for students.

    • refine job applications, CVs and resumes.

    • sharpen business communication through marketing materials.

    • remove errors from articles, blogs and manuscripts.

    Proofreading and Revision Consultation

    Books, dissertations, presentations and more!

    • 24 Hour Service: 10,000 word maximum order.

    • 48 Hour Service: 20,000 word maximum order.

    • 72 Hour Service: 30,000 word maximum order.

    • 7 Day Hour: 70,000 word maximum order.

    • Big mama!

    Professional Copywriting and Content Writing

    I take the time to understand exactly the topic and tone you need. All work is SEO optimized and competitor-researched with one free revision.

    • Web content: Home, About Us, Contact Us, Services

    • Blogs and Articles

    • Email Campaigns and Letters

    • Product and Event Descriptions

    • Video and Audio Scripts

    Want a Private Writing Consultation?


    Looking to have me host a workshop?

    Academic Writing for Non-Native Speakers

    Thesis & Development / Plagiarism & Citations / Intros & Conclusions

    English for Executives

    for professionals who want to combine English practice with career-specific communication.

    TOEFL Prep

    Practice writing and speaking in preparation of the exam.

    English Through Poetry

    A poem is both a vehicle for thought and instrument for shaping language. Learn techniques and skill to better express yourself in your daily life.

    The Power of Literacy

    Create your own literacy narrative and recall how literacy has empowered you while developing your ability to tell YOUR story.

    ILTS Prep

    Practice writing and speaking in preparation of the exam.

    Contact me to Schedule a Workshop or Seminar